Bhutan Oils and Lubricants Distributor (BOLD) is one of the subsidiaries company under the Drukda Private Limited, import of the best quality lubricants and sole distributor of PETRONAS lubricant products in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Currently, PETRONAS is the 10th largest lubricant brand in the world and fastest growing brand globally.

Besides increasing imports of motor vehicles, heavy duty machines and agriculture from machineries, numerous mega projects like construction of hydro power plants, industries are taking place in Bhutan for economic growth. The existing lubricants in Bhutan still not sufficient for distributing the lubricants in all the sectors.

Therefore, Drukda Private Limited through Bhutan Oils and Lubricants Distributor (BOLD) is aspiring to fulfill its one of the mandates to distribute the best quality lubricants to minimize negative implications, effective and improved productivity.

BOLD continue to innovative its business in line with the overall mission of the Drukda Private Limited to promote and expand brands in the country that are not only high quality but also reasonably priced.

The vision for importing PETRONAS lubricants will be trusted Petronas lubricants in Bhutan that markets major industries, constructions, and workshop in the country.

Our Petronas lubricants will meet those customer’s needs.


  • To deliver a high-quality product and on time.


  • A trusted supplier of the PETRONAS lubricants in the country.
  • To sell a wide variety of PETRONAS lubricants to meet customer needs across a range of applications.